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THE HEAD (1959)

Directed By:
Victor Trivas

Not Rated
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language
Country: West Germany
Also Known As:
Die Nackte und der Satan (1959) (original title)
A Head for the Devil
Des Satans nackte Sklavin (West Germany) (new title)
The Screaming Head


The story of Doctor Ood who goes to work with Professor Doctor Abel and his transplant experiments, but when the the dying hobo dies too soon for the heart transplant for Doctor Abel, Ood does it anyway. Which is a complete failure, causing him to place Abel's head on life support by itself. Then starts his own transplant for his own lustful reasons. The head of a hump back nurse with the body of a stripper leads to disaster.

This movie is disaster, the writer knows nothing about transplanting organs, as long as no decay happens on the organ i.e. the heart and they keep it on cold storage, the transplant would have worked. Second, I hope the German version gets on DVD soon, this American dubbed version was all censored up, which took the only good thing away from the movie.

Lastly major character issues, and I'd like to blame the American version but I can't say right this second, this guy is some kind of escaped whack-o and the best fake name he could come up with is Ood and same lame nonsense about being named after a ship. What ever happened to checking credentials? We both give this German swiss cheese THE NOOSE!